Tyre Confusion

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Hi All,

I'm after a little advice on tyre choice, I know its an age old question so I've been searching through the forum, just havnt found what I'm after.

I've got a Rockhopper Disc (26") and wondering what tyres people would recommend for general trail use? I've been riding red trails recently with a mix of hardpack/rocky/loose/rooty surfaces and fireroad climbs on some 1.9 Specialized Crossroads Armadillos (originally bought for puncture-resistant touring), however they seem to slip on the loose/dusty stuff and I'm not sure if I would benefit from a wider tyre?

Other options I have are a set of half-worn 2.0 Specialized Fast Traks and an old set of Tioga 2.10 DH tyres.

I've tried the Tiogas also but they just seemed very draggy.

I've also been recommended some 2.30 Panaracer Razers (currently on offer at CRC) so i'm nicely confused now! What should I be looking for in a general do it all tyre?

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    To quote cooldad in another thread
    cooldad wrote:
    Round rubbery ones.

    Cue the debate.
    No Maxxis
    Maybe Comtinental.
    Panaracers are best.


    You'll get a million different answer from a million different people. Recommending tyres is a funny thing. Everyone rides differently and on different terrain. Though the Razor is a decent tyre, doesn't look like it'll be too good in the mud though
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    Fair enough, I should just get out and ride on a range of them I think. Cheers for the reply.

    So to guide me in the right direction can I ask what are the generally accepted benefits/drawbacks of a wider tyre (2.3ish) over a thinner one (1.9ish)?

    Cheers again.
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    The Tiogas will be heavy and draggy. For the bike I would suggest 2.1's.
    Good compromise tyres Panaracer XC Pro or Maxxis Ignitors.
    Schwalbe in various forms seem very popular but I have only used them on a road bike and they are very grippy.
    But as Revellrider pointed out, each has their favourites, even using different models and sizes front and back.
    I'm pretty rubbish, so it doesn't make much difference, generally any tyre I use is better than me.
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  • I would also agree with the panaracer fire xc pro's... been running them for the last couple of years and think they are excellent.

    I have however just got a set of schwalbe nobby nic's to try... but this is purely because im changing to a tubeless setup and the panaracers arent suited to tubeless.
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    cooldad wrote:
    I'm pretty rubbish, so it doesn't make much difference, generally any tyre I use is better than me.

    That is certainly going to be the case with me also!

    I've gone for some Maxxis 2.1 Ignitors. Why over the Panaracer XC? Don't know, if I don't like them I'll change them but just need to try some out I guess!

    Thanks for the help guys,