Gear shifter wont click and stay on third?

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Hey everyone, first of all I tried to search for a similar topic but as I dont know the correct lingo im not sure if there is one..

Normally, when I shift my front gears (1,2,3) I hear a click to let me know that I shifted gears.

For some reason whenever I try to shift from gear 2 to 3 - my chain will go into 3rd gear but my shifting mechanism wont "click" and goes back to 2nd as soon as I let go, making the chain fall back into 2nd gear.
I can shift back to 1 and from 1 to 2 but when going to third gear it just wont stay.
Ive tried turning the black thingy on my handlebars left and right but it doesnt seem to do anything.

Is this common? Is my shifting mechanism broke or is it something I can fix by turning some screws.?

I have got a rockrider 6.3 ... 112194093/
Drivetrain - Suntour XCT 302 22 x 32 x 42 aluminium chainset. Shimano Altus STEF 60 shifters. Shimano Altus front derailleur. Shimano Acera rear derailleur. SRAM 5.0/ 11 x 32/ 8 speed cassette.

Thanks for all your responses. Will try these things asap!
Didnt want to bump up this thread with just a "thanks".


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    Is the H limit screw set correctly?

    For details how, see Park Tools website for a good guide.
  • redvee
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    Stop screw on the front mech possibly.
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    Could be many things. I'm hopeless with gears so don't rely too much on my suggestions.

    Possibly the stop limit is preventing the cage shifting far enough.

    Could also be the cable is sticking. Is it quite hard to shift to 3rd, or does the lever move easily but just doesn't click? If it's hard to move then maybe blast some GT85 or similar down the cable runs or from the end cap screw in the shifter. Might be you need to replace the cable though (possibly outer also).

    But I'd check the indexing is right first. I'd make sure the rear mech is indexed right first as that can affect front shifting. Plus check the chain is not worn, slack.