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Wobbly rear wheel!

woopidstankerwoopidstanker Posts: 38
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So I finally got my Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres delivered, and fitted them myself today. Not too bad a job, certainly not as bad as I'd anticipated!
Front wheel rolls fine when I've put it back on, but the rear wobbles when you turn the wheel and it's got me puzzled. I've taken it back off, checked I've fitted it on correctly and securely, but still the wobble remains!

I feel it's a trip to the local bike shop tomorrow morning... just wondered if there was anything obvious I should be trying before I do that?

Again thanks in advance!


  • Marcus_CMarcus_C Posts: 183
    Stupid question I know but i've seen it done, have you checked the bead has popped out all the way round the rim on both sides? You can often pump tyres up very hard and it still won't pop out. If that's the case, washing up liquid on the offending part and tyre pressure bordering on the ridiculous will help.
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  • Well, I've taken the tyre/tube off and just put the bare rim on - it's definitely not turning properly so I don't think the tyre is the problem. Pretty sure I've not made any basic censored up with re-attaching the chain etc as that seems to functioning fine.


    Does my wheel maybe need to be "trued"?? Have seen this mentioned in some other google searches I've made. Would this have happened anyway or have I somehow brought it on by changing my tyres?
  • Blue MeanieBlue Meanie Posts: 495
    Wobbly as in the rims gets closer/further to the brake blocks as it rotates? - needs trued

    Or, with the wheel tight into the frame can you rattle the wheel about? - slack cones
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  • The first - trueing on the card I guess!
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