Wheels for a big bloke

riggsy81 Posts: 281
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Im after advise on a pair of wheels for a 16 stoner :oops:

Im looking at Planet X Model C's, Fulcrum Racing 5s, Shimano RS30s so say a £150 budget.

Any advice would be great
I̶m̶ ̶t̶i̶r̶e̶d̶
I̶t̶s̶ ̶r̶a̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶
I̶t̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶ ̶l̶a̶t̶e̶


  • giant_man
    giant_man Posts: 6,878
    Bombproof ones such as ProLite Comos could be just the ticket, not light but very tough! And within your budget.
  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin Posts: 4,330
    32 spoke handbuilt open pros on shimano hubs. Will take more than you weigh no problem.
  • maddog 2
    maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    +1 handbuilts

    OPs or Ambrosio Excellights on the best Shimano hub your budget can stretch to.
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