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External wall mounting for kids bikes

sperkinssperkins Posts: 18
Hi all

I'm looking for some external racking/mount so I can hang the kids bikes up in the side alley of our house. Needs to be fairly robust, as I want to be able to secure the bikes using bike locks. However, the alley if fairly thin, so the bikes need to be able to mount flat against the wall (well as much as possible, given the handlebars). Up off the ground would also be better.

I've come up with these two options, and wondered whether anyone has any experience of them or could possibly suggest any alternatives.
This one doesn't look as if it has anywhere to run a lock through it, so I'd need to install an additional locking point
I like the look of this one, but it's kind of expensive, especially as I need to buy four of them

Any thoughts/suggestions welcome




  • Pipster3Pipster3 Posts: 82
    Try B&Q Warehouse they have a good selection of wall mounted brackets and not as pricey as bike stores ...
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