New mtb with metallic noises

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i bought my very first mtb yesterday its a 2009 Jamis xtrail 2 for 230euros. with Brakeset: Tektro Io mechanical disc brakes and Shimano levers.

Biking straight away i could hear a soft metallic slicing sound coming from the back wheel. it sounds like this "....shliing..... shling... shliing..." i don't think I feel the bike slowing down at every 'shliing'.
And so i'm wondering Is this something i should be concerned about? Should i take it back, Fix it myself or just ride it out?
or are these simply budget diskbrakes, and u get what u pay for?



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    It happens with disc brakes, you could try just tweaking the pads a touch, but tbh I'd just leave it alone and it should quieten down with some riding.
  • I had the same problem, and still do now and again i was worried to start with but its nothing to worry about i find if i break when the noise starts it tends to stop it
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    Glad to know its nothing to worry about :) - thanks guys
  • Can I just ask, you got mechanical disk breaks on the back, how well are they working for you? I had mechanical ones on mine before I upgraded to hydraulic rears, the mechanical ones were c**p, the person in the shop said it was due to the cable stretching before it could work. Only £60 to get them upgraded and they work MUCH better now.
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    I couldn't help myself and had to fiddle around with it myself ..but now no rubbing or noise and i'm well pleased :D
    This video helped me loads: ... re=related.

    @Fully-sprung: So far, they brake quite well, tho i'm just doing some basic riding and they're completely new. But hey i'm a complete noob and :oops: tbh don't even know what cable stretching is
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    xav_B wrote:
    don't even know what cable stretching is

    In this case, cable stretch was a convenient excuse for the shop mechanic.
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