Bars: 3T Ergosum vs FSA wing/omega

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I'm going to get some new handlebars for my birthday, as the ones on my bike (spesh Allez with stock comp ergo bars) are not that comfortable especially in the drops, as my hands are bigger than the ergo bit.
I had a bikefit a while ago at which he recommended I try some compact bars, notably the FSA ones mentioned above. But the 3T ones looked quite nice too. Has anyone tried both and or had the same problem as me and got another nice set of bars? I'm not sure about the wing shape of the FSA bars...


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    am asking the same question right now for a new build...wondering what the advantages of a wing bar are and especially the slightly raised design of FSA wings?

    My challenge is the opposite though, as I'm used to 100-110mm reach bars and while a slightly shallower drop would be helpful, if I go for a compact bar they all seem to be 75-80mm reach so I lose 20-30mm from the total reach on the bike...
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    I have the FSA-K wing compact bars and find them to be very comfortable. I have SRAM levers fitted and find iy very comfy in any position. The wing shape makes it very comfy when riding on the top of the bar and there is a small flat section where the drops meet the levers which is also very comfy for me. However I would recommend trying before you buy, because like saddles they can make a huge difference to how you feel on the bike.

    I am tempted to fit the same bar onto my winter bike but it is a little bit too expensive.

    My 2p

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    I find wing flat top bars uncomfortable when climbing on the tops. Went back to round. 3t seem very comfy. deda do some shallow ones too
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    +1 for the 3T ergosum bars.

    Really top quality and super comfy!
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    rozzer32 wrote:
    +1 for the 3T ergosum bars.

    Really top quality and super comfy!

    +1 I have these as well on my summer bike and love them

    On my winter bike I have the FSA vero (which are also an alloy compact drop) and they are pretty comfy too.

    The big thing to do is that if you are messing about with bars with different reaches them you also have to consider whether or not it is more important to have hood and drop riding at your correct reach vs the bar top or visa versa.

    I did this and had to change bar stem length as I was slightly too stretched out on one of the bikes.
    Again it also makes a difference which groupset you have and the positions of the hoods etc .
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    I find my Wing Pros perfect.
  • MrTapir
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    Hmm yes some things to think about. It would be great to be able to try but there is nowhere round here that sells bars separately.

    I also now have seen the 3T Rotundo with the classic shape, and that flat section on the drop looks good and possibly the answer to my uncomfortable-drop-position.

    what are all these bars like with shimano 105 levers? I dont suppose anyone has compared the stock specialized bars position with these compact and rotundo bars?
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    I used FSA K - Wing Compact Ergo bars, and thought they were the dogs dangly bits...
    Buzz reduction from the carbon weave, flat tops and bends, for mile after mile of comfortable spinning, built in cable guides, to keep everything minimal, and nice graphics to complement the bike.
    I recently changed my bike and, in order to maintain the same reach measurement, I needed different bars and stem!...
    Being a Cervelo frame, I wanted it to be 3T finishing kit and fortunately, the Ergosum bars have a 90mm reach, as opposed to the FSA 80mm.
    I was very sceptical about getting the Ergosums, especially as I plumped for the LTD's (cost!), but they are a superb bar: No fancy flat bits, no cable grooves/guides, but they do work very well. :wink:
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