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Seeking advice about a turbo trainer

Andy54057Andy54057 Posts: 22
edited March 2011 in Road beginners
I've read through some previous posts on this topic but wanted a bit more specific guidance if you chaps can offer it...

Circumstances are I'm now working in Scotland on the west coast, and the weather is bloody awful or its still getting dark often so I'm looking for a turbo to use at my flat along with my bike.

I've a Scott Addict R3 bike along with a Cateye Strada double wireless already fitted...

I've a budget of £2-300 maybe a touch more if a particulary awesome trainer is out there, or preferably a bit less as deep down we all like a bargain.

If a bike exists that has lots of different resistance levels, can replicate climbs or allow good stability for standing up please let me know any views on the topic would be really appreciated....


Scott R3 custom build from a good mate (

Scott R3 2009 frame
SRAM Rival 2010 Groupset
Richey WCS Carbon Stem, Bars and Seat Post
San Marcos Seat
Mavic Ksyruim Elite wheels
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