Freeride/DH riders in Skipton

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Hi ppl. I am looking for some one to go riding with from the Skipton area. I am 35 years old (going on 15) and really enjoy any type of mtb riding as long as its gravity fed! I am not into xc at all, love dh and getting into freeride although nothing too huge at the moment. I am confident hucking drops upto 5 or 6 foot to flat and a few feet more to transition, love north shore but can't find anything big enough (the stuff at Gisburn and Stainburn is too small) and am getting better at doubles ( would like to do bigger than the big double at the top of the dh track at Gisburn) and I also like techy stuff. I ride around Skipton area but regularly venture further afield such as Wales, Sheffield and Hamsterley. I have a van so transporting bikes is no problem. If any one of any age wants to ride pm me or email at


  • I'm a bit older than you (going on 19). Sounds like we do similar sort of rides - I'm always looking to push it a bit further. I enjoy Stainburn and some of its more techy stuff.
    Bike: Giant Reign X1, pedals - flat. Let's give it a go! Cheers - Shaun.