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First Audax

s25scds25scd Posts: 84
edited March 2011 in Road beginners
Hi, excuse the probably stupid question but I was really looking forward to my first Audax in a few weeks. Have entered the event and received the route card. Problem is It now looks like im going to have to work :cry: I was so looking forward to this. The event is not a permanent. But is it possible for me to complete this on my own on a different day? Or will i just have to wait for another whole year to be able to do this?

P.s my boss is a right nob jockey


  • pingpongpingpong Posts: 97
    Bad luck about work, but there should be no problem for you to ride the course on your own, most audax courses are on public roads anyway so just get out there and enjoy the ride, just take it easy :)
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    The good thing about most audax routes is that they are usually well thought out and good to ride with lovely scenery, quiet roads and controls that are often based in cafes, so you can use the route anytime (as per the above) and make a lovely day out of it (just don't expect a stamped brevet card at the end :wink: ).
  • ErudinErudin Posts: 136
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Blimey, sort of lost the will to live through some of that. I think that thread is all about getting the brevet stamped or the ride recognised for AUK points (which is fair enough for some but personally I ride audaxes because I want to and enjoy the company).

    So I guess s25scd needs to clarify if he is looking for clarification on DIY rules from AUK or just general advice on doing a route...
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