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same old question - Hardtail 600 - 800

djames77djames77 Posts: 164
edited March 2011 in MTB buying advice
I know it has been asked loads guys and gals, but i need your help quickly!

My mate is looking for a HT, 21" with a fairly long top tube. Did point him at the Carerra but it is too small. He is a MTB newbie so I'm trying to help. I hope he can get decent hydraulic brakes (juicy 3 maybe) and a decent fork (tora maybe - but would prefer RockShox and above a Dart 3) along with something around SLX level gears. Anyone got any idea's? Retails selling 2010 bikes is probably what I'm looking for.

Oh, he needs to buy for this weekend which is why i say i need help quickly!


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