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Looking for a 10 speed groupset- where is a bargain?

drudru Posts: 1,341
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Hi people,

With my Summer bike and Timetrial bike now running 10 speed on either Shimano or Sram i think I'm going to have to do he same an upgrade the winter bike to a similar system.

I'm therefore on the look out for a deal on a groupset (proabably cheaper than individual?) but prove me if I'm wrong.

With a wealth of options out there what should I go for?

Some people I hear say that a cheap and cheerful groupset os the way to go, wholst others say that as most of my mileage is going to be on the winter bike then I should try and get as good a groupset as I can.

What should I do.

I have seen deals for Apex for £400 and Rival for £500 are these good deals - or should I be looking to go for an equivalent Shimano groupset?

Opinions please, as well as where I can pick up a bargain,

I guess what you need to know is my budget would be upto £500 mark and to be for STi's or double taps, front and rear 10 speed mechs, a compact chainset and bottom bracket, 10 speed cassette, brake calipers, chain and cable.
Cranklengths I currently use are 170mm

Thanks for your help,



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