Big step up in training

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How long do you think it would take to adapt to riding to work twice a week (tues/thurs, 11 miles to work, same back) and a bigger ride on a Sunday (50 miles)?

Currently riding on/off twice a week to work (11 miles each way), and I know you are supposed to gently increase your distance by 10% or so, but I am keen to stick with a group that are already doing 50 miles on a weekend. First attempt left me lagging behind, wondered how long it would take before you expect to notice a difference...


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    Depends on too many other variables to give a concrete answer, but how much are you lagging behind? Is it for the last few miles only, or are you constantly struggling off the back of the group.

    If the former I would think a few weeks of diligent eating/resting would see you happily keeping up. If the later, it's probably best to try really hard to keep up with the group for the first x miles, then leave the group and make your own way back. Keep increasing x until it equals the magic 50
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    I'd ride every day to work, you'll soon build up your fitness. If you need Monday off do that then you get 2 rest days. I don't know how fit you are but I'd imagine 2-3 weeks of solid commuting would sort you right out.

    My girlfriend does a 25 mile round commute every day so you can do it too!

    It's the too many days off when you lose out so just get stuck in. Cycling every day will be the key for you IMO. 11 miles seems far when you first do it but when you start knocking out those 50s every week 11 miles will feel like a warm up and your commutes should fly by. then you can have days when you take it easy just to keep the fitness ticking over and days when you push hard to build your strength up.

    Make sure when you do the 50 you eat first and hydrate yourself properly when riding. Amazing what a bit of water can do.

    Good luck!
  • Many thanks, going to try and get more mid-week riding done and maybe leave Saturday and Monday for rest. The group is talking about doing shorter (30 miles) but more intensive riding on Sunday, until the better weather so that should help some....