Newb at Sherwoodpines

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Had a top day out in the sun and twice round the kitchener

Im sure some of the pro's on here will snort but meh, wish i had gone here before cannock. As a newb i found FTD and the monkey a bit intimidating i know :oops:

so off i went too sherwood not sure what to exspect. well obviously its a lot less technical and demanding but tell you what its done my confidence the world of good. First run took my time stopped a lot to have a look at some of the drops and the dirt jump zone and got a feel for the trail. Second run i was confident enough to attack it a bit, did it in 57 mins on the nose which i know is slow slow slow but it was fast for me. I actually concentrated on the trail, body and bike position and even got that feeling of letting the front wheel go and find its own line. i probably sound like a complete idiot but im still buzzing :P

also props to the lads doing the skills course

only came off once, think its section 3 where ther is a big drop and climb up (not sure what you call them ditch???) anyway came round the corner and there is a skills course on the trail, i bottled it and pulled up, no chicken run and the instructor said just ride it you will be fine, so i rolls back a bit and goes for it. down fine hits the bottom and on the way up manage to come off onto the frame and squeeze my nuts before facepalming the bank. jumped on bike and sped off red faced.

this was on run 1, popped in the cafe for a coffee and fag, and in strolls the guy taking the course. He sees me and comes over tells me not to worry about it and that i should hang over the back of the saddle going down then move forward to peddle up the bank, moving forward from this position stops me going forward too soon and over the front.

2nd run like a dream. he didnt have to come over so it was nice that he did

will deffo be going back to sherwwod aa couple of more times to contiue that confidence curve then go back to tackle cannock

anyway enough gushing


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    lol i also forgot how much harder trail riding was

    only did bloomin 12 miles feels like 60 :shock:
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    It's the coffee and smoke that did it on the second run. Food of champions.
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    The pines is very confidence boosting isn't it.

    I know the bit you fell off on. i was there, saw a gang of young lads and did not have time to bottle it and went over it fast. I must say I looked great! :P

    See you there some time - I'm the fat lad with an expensive bike going slow!

    and falling off
  • mak3m
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    Well there was definitely some bike porn on show today

    Amongst the usual suspects I spied a lovely Marin

    All I could do to stop myself from stroking it :P
  • ljs1977
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    Is going to be delivered to Sherwood Pines for me SOON!
  • xtremedash
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    Keep yours eye peeled over the summer as there are going to be some skills development courses run there that are open to the public to book on to.
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