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new carbon frame

synsealsynseal Posts: 22
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Just thought i would post pics of my new carbon frame bike only been cycling a few months and purchased secound hand bike off ebay down here in marbella spain. The bike was to big for me came cheap and componants were good so i road it untill i bought secound hand carbon frame off ebay only been used for 2 weeks, bixs swiss bike company looked good so i chanced 480 euros on it from poland. Lbs transfered parts had to buy new carbon seat post but really pleased rides a dream will change tyre colour
next change out. Total cost including labour parts including first bike purchase 900 euros.Think ive got really great 1st bike and not a bad price

thanks Paul Marbella spain



  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    nice bike 8)

    bit jealous that youre in marbella, sun shining? :cry:
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