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First Cat 4 Race

bukowski102bukowski102 Posts: 88
edited March 2011 in Amateur race
Hey People just wanted to share my first race experience.

I Had my first race at Upavon (ludgershall) recently as a Cat 4 rider and really enjoyed it.
Turned up and paid for a day license with a group of 30 riders.
We went off quickly which was a bit of a shock and I found myself at the back fighting a bit to catch the group up the main drag, after a few laps my I felt more comfortable made my way through the pack and stayed on the wheel of some exeter boys who were in the first 5 riders.
seemed quite a long time waiting for the 3 laps to go shout, the last lap the pack split and i managed to stay in the first group rounding the last bend I clung on to the inside of the road and sprinted my hardest to grab 4th place.
I was very chuffed as a felt I had "more in the tank" and riders were saying that it was a fast race averaging 25/26mph.
So i was a bit disapointed to find out i couldnt have my 7 points without a proper license.
but overall enjoyed the race and the people seemed nice and friendly.
looking forward to castle combe starting in may


  • ga02clrga02clr Posts: 97
    Great work. You will now become addicted.
  • hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
    Well done.

    Being picky, but isn't it 6 points for 4th?
    Could you buy a full licence now and ask BC to add the points to your licence?
  • ZachariahZachariah Posts: 782
    I've been told yes and no from different posters in this forum. Be interesting to hear from anyone who's tried. I'd like to know before shelling out on a full license!
  • ga02clrga02clr Posts: 97
    BC do not tend to allow that unfortunately for you but to be honest quite understandably.

    This is for the reason you outline. If you want to move cat's then you need a licence. Its like if you want a prize you have to buy a ticket!
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