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s25scds25scd Posts: 84
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I have a allez 16 frame that i was using as a training bike/ winter etc.Due to a bad mechanical at weekend Ive decided to change the groupset, I have a full sram rival groupset that i was going to put on. But now im thinking, should i just buy a better frame to put it on? the rival costs more than the frame and wheels (model b,s)!


  • TeachTeach Posts: 386
    If you have the money then why not, if you don't then wait. Yes I'm sure you'll notice a difference, but the wheels also make a difference. If you can get it up a hill then I wouldn't rush to change, if you are desperate to shed a few pounds then change the frame. I went for a cycle the other day with a friend. He was on his new Cervelo, but every time we descended (not necessarily anything steep and scary), but I would overtake my friend. Both of us were freewheeling and both catching our breath before the next hill. We both weigh about the same. I'm not saying I have stunning wheels, but something was helping me move quicker than him and it wasn't my legs.
  • datpat64datpat64 Posts: 85
    The Spesh is a great winter frame in my opinion.

    I'd be tempted to move the SRAM stuff to a better frame then either get some second hand e bay stuff for the Spesh or sell lit on e bay.

    However it's not best time of year to be selling winter frames !
  • s25scds25scd Posts: 84
    YEP Datpat, already parted with the cash, bought a planet x carbon frame, so will stick the rival on that, just hope it gets delivered when the misses is out :roll: Got a black frame and ive got a set of model B,s. Just waiting on the " I thought your bike was silver" comment . Will have to pretend it was a fleabay job. (not that theres anything wrong with fleabay may i add)
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