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Cassette/Hub/Bearing noise

lioneldlioneld Posts: 69
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Can anyone give me any pointers to cure my gripe?

I have recently fitted a set of Campag Khamsins to my 2nd bike and after two rides I have the most incredibly noisy freewheel. Not the biggest drama I know, but it totally did my head after a 75 miler last week.
The ratcheting sound is not affecting the ride of the bike at all, but my other bike (running Miche Reflex rims & hubs with Campag Veloce cassette) is totally silent in freewheel and I'm wondering what is/has caused this on this set of wheels?

The cassette is a 2008 Campag Record with about 4/500 miles on it so in really good nic, the Wheels have done around 120 dry miles and were brand new 3 wks ago.

Does the cassette need removing and packing out with good grease or is it the hub of the new wheel that is running dry?

I don't have much experience when it comes to wheels & hubs so any advise is very welcome (as long as it;s not - should have bought Aksiums etc etc)

All Italian


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Some Campag freehubs are rather noisy. If everything runs freely and works OK then probably nothing to worry about. Some like the noise. Take the wheel out and make sure the bearings on both the hub and freehub are running smooth. If so just learn to love it.
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