9 speed chain recommendation?

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I'm after a new chain for my Tiagra equipped CAAD9.

On my (much) older bike I fitted an SRAM chain. This had a snap together link and so was really easy to fit, and since fitting has been smooth & quiet.

So... will an SRAM chaim work OK on the Tiagra setup?

Also there seem to be a variety of 9 speed SRAM chains, at a variety of prices. I'm after the smoothest / quietest running chain that I can get. Does spending more money help with this, or does that just save a little weight?


  • keef66
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    I'd say any 9 speed chain will work, including SRAM. You can use the relevant KMC link with any chain. Noise-wise, I'm not sure.

    At the moment I'm running a 10 speed Mavic chain on my 105 equipped bike. It came with a joining link but it was rubbish so I used the KMC one instead. I think it's a bit noisier than the original chain, and occasionally not quite as quick to engage when changing up the cassette, but I'm a cheapskate and can't argue with the price.

    3 Mavic chains for £30 at CRC, rather than £25 for one Shimano 105!
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    kmc x9-sl in gold... lovely and very quiet
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    sram chain will be fine

    in general, more money gets you hollow pins, or cut-outs links, saving weight, or better finish/surface coating (so shinier, should be more resistant to corrosion, maybe a smidge lower friction

    pc951 - basic chain

    pc971 - better surface coating (only on external plates)

    pc991 - better coating again, but now on all plates, also hollow pin (this depends on which generation i think)
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    KMC X9 (or SL if flush) plus a good lube. See merlin for good deals
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    Thanks for the advice. The kmc x9-sl looks very nice - but even at Merlin it still seems pretty costly!

    I've just ordered an SRAM PC991 from Merlin. I'll see how that goes...