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Bedgebury Insomnia

TownyDCTownyDC Posts: 157
edited April 2011 in XC and Enduro
Signed up for Bedgebury Insomnia later this year, :D

Have been to the park only the once and was wondering is the ride on the red trails or the surrounding family route, or possibly both?

Did anyone on the forum take part last year?



  • anjsanjs Posts: 486
    Did it two years ago, used a combination of red route and fireroads.
  • tenfoottenfoot Posts: 226
    Well, we'll just have to get down there and practice some more.

    All in the name of health and safety, of course.
  • Hi Dave,

    I'm a member there and the ladies rep, and I did it last year as a team of mixed 3 (which we won btw :wink: ) and although the course might change this year, it will be probably be a mix of singletrack and fireroad for overtaking like last year.
    Great to hear you will be competing and hope you enjoy it!

    What you give is what you get
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