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Tricross - Bar Top Brakes - how do you fit them?

alanmck1971alanmck1971 Posts: 85
edited March 2011 in Road beginners
I commute on a Spez Tricross and was wondering if it is easy to fit the bar top brakes? Does anyone have a link to a manual or youtube?


  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    The extra brake levers are in-line levers and are easy to fit.

    Pull the brake cable almost all the way out and remove enough bar tape to see where the lever will go. Fit the lever to the bars then cut the brake cable outer so it fits nicely in the slot on the new lever. Fit the cut piece of outer from the new brake lever to the brake caliper. Feed the cable back through and refit to the caliper. If you're lucky it will all fit back together. If you're unlucky you won't get a smooth bend in the brake outer so you'll need a new, longer, piece of outer and a new cable. Refit the bar tape.
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