new jersey - long sleeve or short sleeve with arm warmers?

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hello people

pretty much as title suggests. im looking to get a new jersey and just wondering what peoples views are on long sleeve jerseys? i cant decide if i should go for a long sleeve jersey for those colder spring mornings, or use a short sleeve with arm warmers.

how comfortable are long sleeve jerseys?

any advice / opinions would be greatly appreciated :wink:


  • tedwards
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    short sleeves with arm warmers - when you warm up or the weather warms up you can easily put the arm warmers in your pockets
  • Monty Dog
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    Depends on how warm it is - most short sleeve jerseys have limited thermal properties whereas most long sleeve jerseys are fleece-backed so you may need a thermal undershirt beneath the short-sleeved top. My short-sleeve jerseys generally stay in until there isn't an R in the month.
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  • maddog 2
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    both 8)

    some days suit the LS, if you know the weather will be a tad chilly all day. Plus you can add a gilet if it becomes even chillier. I'm at this stage currently.

    SS + arm warmers are good too, and have the flexibility if it goes the other way and gets warmer, as ted points out. I generally go for this setup when it gets a bit warmer.

    Check out the main contenders: Gore, Mavic, et al for good LS tops that suit the current climate (UK). Big fan of the Campag tops myself - they just feel great on.
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