Running routine.

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i was wondering if someone could wip me up some sort of running guide.
How many days a week?
for how long?
etc.. and any ideas on how to make it a tad more enjoyable ?

don't want anything over the top.
something i can keep up!

many thanks



  • springtide9
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    Take a look at something like: ... s/107.html

    Not an expert, but followed a guide from the Bath Half website which was very similar (although that is now gone).

    The basic principles are the same for cycling etc. It also depends on what you are training for (as in distance). But basically, you want a long run, interval, and steady pace.

    The shorter distances you can just dovetail into any other activities. Think as a general rule you want to run three times a week if you can.

    As I said, I'm no expert as I have only ever run one Half Marathon (and not really a runner either). But I did the Half pretty recently and obviously got a bit of advice from a few people that I know (and the gym)

    When increasing pace or distance, they advise that shouldn't increase both at the same time as well as no more than 10% a week. And every fourth week, you should take a step back.
    As a non runner I can safely say that I ignored this advice as I only had three/four months to train, but I did pay in terms of suffering knee pain etc.

    Will start running again once a cycling event out of the way, but will go back and try and build up properly when I start again.

    Forgot, you had a question that I missed. I didn't. I ignored it.
    and any ideas on how to make it a tad more enjoyable ?
    Headphones? A friend used to say he used to watch the rugby while on the treadmill. TBH, I think I would find running dull even if I had taken hallucinogenic drugs (joke!)
    Seriously, running off road would be my preference as there is a little more to see (and enjoy the surroundings)
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    For fast fitness and speed gains go for fartlek training which is a form of interval training.

    Aim for 30 mins on the treadmill 3 times a week or 45 mins in the open twice a week.

    Treadmill : Find a comfortable jogging pace and warm up on that for 2 mins ( I find 9 km/h good for me ) then go for 2 mins at a fast jog slow run pace ( I use 10 km/h ) then do 2 mins flat out ( I use 14 km/h ) then back down to slow run pace do this for 26 mins then 2 mins cool down at an easy pace.

    Ooutside : Similar method jog for 5 mins ish then run 2 / 3 lamp posts and sprint 3 do this for 30 mins ish then jog back home for the last ten mins.

    It sounds crazy but it got me 2 full levels on the 20m bleep test in 8 weeks!!!! I went from Level 8 shuttle 10 to level 10 shuttle 8....
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    I just bought some running shoes a while back, and did a Forest Gump... I just ran. for 6 miles.
    Turns out it's best to stretch before and after, and start with shorter distances, unless you want to walk like a cripple for a fortnight :lol: