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A Mechanical mare!

s25scds25scd Posts: 84
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Hi all, out doing a 60 miler today, really enjoying it after a couple days out the saddle due to work commitments. Got out to my 30 miler point . Was just cycling in my lowest gear just at a moderate speed going up a slight hill then snap! Immediately stopped and looked down, my rear derailleur snapped off , ripped out a spoke ( planet x model b wheels) so much that i need a new wheel, rear derailleur had bent/crushed and somehow the chain was totally jammed in it. It was as if the someone had took a hammer to it and bent it and i was going slowly up a hill about 5mph! I have no idea how this has happened , totally out of the blue! The chain was perfectly alligned with the front derailleur and crank, ala shleck last years TDF , i was in the proper gear. The derailleur is shimano 2300 (allez 16) Has anyone ever had this happen? What a nightmare trying to organise getting picked up! I couldnt have been any further from home lol. Thinking now of just stripping the whole bike and putting sram rival on it. Totally peeed off to say the least.


  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    i had that happen on my first ever group ride. did you make luurve to the tarmac?
    funnily enough it was on 2300 as well, although it happened as i dropped into lowest gear so i put it down to bad adjustment/ lazy owner :oops:
    good news i also needed a new wheel so had an excuse to junk both cheapos and buy some upgrades.
    winter bike is now wearing a load of ultegra goodies i had been gradually picking up 8)

    i was very lucky and one of the guys i didnt even know turned round, rode back and fetched his van. needless to say i joined that club
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  • s25scds25scd Posts: 84
    did you make luurve to the tarmac?
    Luckily enough I stayed on the bike even though the back wheel just locked up. Looks like my winter hack will be getting an upgrade too, misses is going to be pleased lol (not) mmm new boiler or a new groupset? well you can always put more clothes on to warm up or do some star jumps or something lol , just the other day i was raving to someone how good the allez was which it is, going on about how reliable , and how precise the 2300 was for being a low end groupset! doh just my luck.
  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    i was straight into the vinegar strokes in front of an audience-nice.
    not sure if i should reveal this but stressing the safety aspect (ie the wheel is now dangerous) seems to work quite well when new bits are required :oops:
    Death or Glory- Just another Story
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Sounds like either your rear mech wasn't correctly adjusted and caught into the spokes or the rear mech hanger was damaged / twisted e.g. damaged in a crash. These 'just riding along' incidents are rarely caused by a sudden failure, but usually a pre-existing condition.
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  • s25scds25scd Posts: 84
    Yep , thats what im thinking Monty, think the rear wasnt adjusted correctly or needing adjusted and got caught in the spokes, had been changing gear bang on though , no issues, I was in the lowest gear and in the lowest chainring so the rear mech at this point is probably closest to the wheel and got caught.
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    a small twig or stone could have got caught, but bad luck and it doesn't too happen often
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