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Just been over the bars :)

concordeconcorde Posts: 1,111
edited March 2011 in MTB beginners
Left me allen keys at home and couldn't lower my seat. Went down this steep, knew it was a bad idea. Straight over. Landed well though, forward roll position and then just slid on my back a bit. Something hit me in the back which hurt a bit. Don't know if it was seat or a rock. The climb after the steep was a breeze with the adrenaline pumping :)

Just thought I'd let you laugh at me :)


  • Hehehe, good work. We've all done it I'm sure.

    Next time, if you can't drop the seat, censored out over the back wheel and easy on the front brakes :lol:
  • concordeconcorde Posts: 1,111
    Lol, cheers. I had my censored over the back wheel at first and it seems common sense if it goes pair shaped just leave go of the bike and I'm ok but then no I went back to saddle and when it started going Pete Tong there was no turning back so I tried to get low on the bar but it was never going to happen lol. Ah well all fun!
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Sorry but 'going over the bars medals' are no longer issued. :lol:

    They had to stop distributing them twenty odd years ago due to number of occurrences.

    It's a pity as I would have had several hundred by now, all in the cause of pushing too hard. :)
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  • concordeconcorde Posts: 1,111
    Yep it's a common occurrence. I haven't been out since last summer though so it got me excited :)
  • I go over the bars at least once every outing!
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  • Andyh4324Andyh4324 Posts: 58
    Second ride out on my new bike and i went over the bars and managed to fracture my elbow! :roll: My fault for grabbing at the front brakes when not looking what i was doing. At least I did a really good flip according to my GF.
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,782
    Going over the bars is more fun at speed, that flying feeling is good. Sadly the landing feeling isn't good, always a laugh though, unless you get hurt massively badly or killed...
  • popstarpopstar Posts: 1,392
    On today's ride bombing unknown trails, noticed a jump ... pushed up, flew into air only to realise it was a gap jump. Not enough of speed to clear the whole ditch landed on front wheel and spectacularly endoed over the bars. Flat pedals kicked so hard into my shin, the whole lower leg is not moving. At least it kicked purely into muscle so no broken bones. Hope to recover soon.
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  • kaytronikakaytronika Posts: 580
    After a while you'll probably start trying to style your trips over the bar... It's nice to try to get a full somersault in and land upright.
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  • Me too. I went over the bars on Monday at Afan (The Wall). I landed on a stump and broke a rib for the second time in 2011 :oops:
  • SgtBashSgtBash Posts: 13
    kaytronika wrote:
    After a while you'll probably start trying to style your trips over the bar... It's nice to try to get a full somersault in and land upright.

    Haha, the first time i flew over the bars, in the micro seconds it took to hit the deck, i did think "can i make this look better than it is?" ...wham, that'll be no then :P
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