Top end sportive / enjoyment riding frameset

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I may be needing to replace existing frameset (maybe starting cracks :( )---so have full set of equipment already (Campag record); which of following would you recommend, or have used and can comment on:
Van Nicholas Astraeus---because I like Ti bikes :)
Look 566 or 586, but I`m a bit dubious about mast type eseatposts
Orbea Orca silver

or any other suggestions? to be used for enjoyment of riding a really nice bike / multiday climbing challenges eg Raid Alpine / sportives but not any racing



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    The Sabbath Silk Road Alp is pretty much purpose built for the sort of riding you mentioned. As is the Enigma Echo. You could also have a look at the Verenti Rhigos, which has a very relaxed geometry.
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    i really like the looks bent tt.
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    Look do the 568 with standard seatpost now so no probs there !
    Mines the 586 ISP and its better then a seatpost...stiffer and looks the dogs as well :D
    Its very comfortable but its a race frame and therefore lower front then what your after I recon. the 566 is more long distance and confortable and sounds more what your after ....highly recommended Look !