Advice neede on a decent saddle bag Please!!!!

Northernsoul Man
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Hi To All, I need a bit of advice on which saddle bag to buy, it needs to be able to fit, spare tubes - multi tool, gloves, and if possible my battery for my magicshine, any advice would be welcome, something with a clip system onto the rails of the saddle will help only the velcro straps are a little flimsy - any advice would be grateful - Thanks to all Paul.


  • JamesB
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    Have you looked at the Ortlieb ones? quite large, 2 l , waterproof, take lots of bits and pieces eg tubes / multitool / gel bnars / compact waterproof / spare light gloves, although perhaps not ultra slick and fashionable very practical and has good solid rail clip on system
  • Scrumple
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    if you have a fizik saddle, get the clip on bag.
    Go small - you need to cram.

    Or, the topeak aero wedge range (somethng like that).....
  • Thanks James, nice website, gotta get round the mrs now. Thanks Paul.
  • Hi Ya Scrumple, yeah gone for the avenir expandable, seems ok and with the quick release all the better - gotta get that Magicshine battery pack in as well, now the clocks have gone forward, wont need it in there, wondered if a spare pair of lungs and a heart will fit in though ?? - Thanks Guys Paul.