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will8will8 Posts: 82
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Morning all,

In the next few weeks i am working in Dunfermline for 2 months, It is worth taking my bike with me.??

I have had a quick google but nothing really jumps out at me about the area. Wondered if any Scots on here recommend any trails around there.

Thanks Will.


  • WoodywmbWoodywmb Posts: 888
    Nearest trails to Dunfermline are in Devilla Forest, five miles west along the cycle track. Plenty for a good day's cycling but that's it. Twenty miles away in same direction over Kincardine Bridge is Carron Valley trail centre where there is another day's enjoyable mountain biking but it's busy. Twenty miles north east you'll find Auchetermuchty (have a pint in the Cycle Inn) and Pitmedden Forest which has good paths and great views. An interesting and scenic ride on tar or or a mix of tar and some off-roading at the shore is the Round the Forth route (Google it). This involves you cycling over the Forth Bridge at one end and the Kincardine Bridge at the other. You take in the charming town of Culross (pronounced Kuros as in the after shave), just three miles from Dunfermline. It has many old buildings and lots of character. Another interesting point is that the Kincardine Bridge has been replaced with the new Clackmannanshire Bridge - might be worth seeing the old and new working together, though I haven't been there myself for a few years. The huge nature reserve at Loch Leven is worth a vist. Plus there's the Fife Coasttal Path, a long distance route from the Forth to the Tay estuary, starting at Queensferry.
    Buy the OS map and piece together bits of paths to get a flavour of the kingdom of Fife.
  • Magpie9Magpie9 Posts: 48
    There's also Blairadam forest which is just a 5 miles or so north of Dunfermline at the Kelty junction of the M90. It's got quite alot of decent XC riding and is well worth a look if you're in the area. It's not really waymarked but if you take a map and have an explore around you're bound to find the good bits.
  • Or a if you've got transport you can do the Pentland hills from Balerno or an hours drive to Glentress.
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  • will8will8 Posts: 82
    Thanks for the info guys,

    I got a OS map, It looks a very nice place, Iam sure i could string some good rides together. The plan is do hopefully have 3/4hrs out after i finish work.

    Blairdam Forest and Devilla Forest look intresting, iam use to xc, so i sure it willl be fun.

    If i get a afternoon off, i will try Glentress out.

    Thanks again Will[/code]
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