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Sutton Park

chrischris1315chrischris1315 Posts: 135
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Hi all, I know this should be posted on the rides section of the forum but I tried there and no luck.
I live in the Sutton Coldfield area and am getting a bit bored of riding on my own round Sutton Park.
I know there are other riders because I have seen you (not meaning to sound creepy).
Please either post on this or PM me to organise a meet and a ride round the largest inner city park in Europe.

Best Regards


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  • So no one rides in Sutton park?
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  • mintsauce5mintsauce5 Posts: 193
    is it anygood ? i go up the chase mostly , but suttons not far from me :D
  • ive been once and really enjoyed it cracking local place if u dont fancy the treck all the way out to chase trails
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  • Puk2930Puk2930 Posts: 17
    I work in Sutton Coldfield and cycle commute. So would definitely be up for an evening ride after work.

  • evening all,

    I'd be up for this, having discovered some sneaky little trails on a pootle round the park at the weekend and even an area where someone's made jumps, table tops and a few berms tonight i'm starting to rethink my views on Sutton Park! There be good trails in them there park - just needs a bit of exploring!

    Let me know if you're all still up for this,

  • Puk2930Puk2930 Posts: 17
    definitely still up for it. but i'm cycling around south africa until may.
  • wow i'm glad i've checked back on this, I had given up after a few days :/
    Sounds like there is some talent in sutton =]
    When would we al like to meet?

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  • Cog HeadCog Head Posts: 53
    hi all, im new to this, ive just brought my first mountain bike, and i think i need a but of guidance, im in tamworth, so its not a million miles away, quite a nice ride actually.
  • I am thinking about going out this sunday (17th of April) for a ride round Sutton Park, if anyone is interested please PM me and we can exchange details to arrange a meet and a ride.

    Best regards

    GT Zaskar mmmmm yummy!
  • stumpym4stumpym4 Posts: 216
    Wish id seen this earlier as ive been at a loose end today, and although sutton parks not hilly, i still enjoy a spin round there for a few hrs
    perfect for a single speed ...
    Give me a shout if u fancy meeting again

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