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Road tyres for Cross bike

NinjatrevNinjatrev Posts: 20
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Well ill probobly be doing a race on my cross bike and wondering if there would be much advantage from putting racing slicks on it. any recomendations?


  • ga02clrga02clr Posts: 97
    Doing crit racing on a cross bike works well but you do really need to have slicks on. Its a waste of the entry fee if you try to do it on off road cross tyres.

    I have done the early season crit races on a cross bike and taken victories doing so.
  • I train on a cross bike with slicks in winter, and it's is just as fast as a road bike.

    You do need 23mm tyres for racing or you will get dropped. Good quality tyres mean you can corner faster, and don't have to work so hard to get back on. Go for any of the top of the line tyres from a reputable manufacturer.

    I prefer GP4000s tyres as I find they're a bit more durable than other racing tyres. Tyre choice is something that has been debated to death, and really comes down to personal choice.

    Make sure your brakes are working well too. Caliper brakes (on road bikes) generally give much sharper braking, you will need to be able to brake quickly in the bunch, especially at this time of year when there are lots of nervous new riders, mixed with people who are raring to go!
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