South Downs Night Ride

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Why wait for sept before going for a night ride along the downs ??? with busy job and 2 children am having real trouble finding time for any serious training rides - So thought why wait for the Maxx Exposure in Sept - So am planning on a night ride to get some serious miles in plus to test kit and night riding once a month starting last friday in April - thought of friday as does not impact on family weekend duties !!! ( may be able to organise for a saturday ) Anyone wanting to join me is welcome - plan is to get train down to join the downs at the East end and ride west to finish at QE Country Park Petersfield for breakfast.
Am open to variations but need to get train back to london after. Anyone up for a blast ???


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    East to West is typically the harder ride, as you have the prevailing wind in your face. Where are you looking to start?
  • Happy to start anywhere near east end as will be getting train down so could be Brighton, Lewes or Eastbourne - although later in summer when weather better and daylight longer would like to do whole route - not bothered about wind as sods law states that it wil be in your face anyway even changing direction when you turn round !!!
  • I discussed something similar with my cycling buddy not 2 hours ago. Pub Tlalk. We've both signed up for the SDW Challenge on 25th June 2011.

    So our thoughta were to start in Winchester to Eastbourne over 2 days on the 7th/8th May W/E. But starting Friday PM and riding to half way is an option.

    Not sure about riding SDW through the night, due to a. not being sufficently experienced a rider and b. I like my bed

    Anybody else interested in joining us.
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