work to be done, what order ?

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Several jobs need doing to bike , not sure which to attempt first.

Replace front chain rings
replace chain
replace cassette

replace rear pivot bearing (orange five)

service hope pro 2 hub ( I think this might be a LBS job as i dont have the tools)

Does it make any difference which order these are done in ?


  • ricardo_smooth
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    top 3 all at same time for most effectiveness
  • The Rookie
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    Agreed, if the top 3 NEED doing, then do them all at the same time.

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  • benpinnick
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    If your pivot bearings are shot then do them first, incase the wear becomes permanent. Then replace all the drive bits at once (or be ready to replace them again soon). Then your hub, maybe.... does it really need a service?
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  • nicklouse
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    well chain off. cranks off. you can now get to the bearings without any issues. Wheel to LBS for service. remove cassette first.

    so really all at the same time.
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