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Really unsure what to do !

mattbluemattblue Posts: 88
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Well I picked my brand new bike up today....all very excited but when I collected it there were a few chips to the frame, in particular one is a 1/4" and down to the ali !

As I was told it was the last boardman 2010 i accepted it and had about £40 quids worth of stuff FOC.

Have since checked and there are several in NI but definately none on the mainland.

My dilema am I being too picky - I mean in time im sure the paintwork will get chipped etc on trails wont it ???

Or shall ask the retailer to source the cycle from NI and bring me one over

Ive not been on the cycle yet...granted I had free stuff, im just disappointed after spending £850 on the cycle and a £1000 in total
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  • if the bike was the last model then it really upto you.

    If you buying a last model in store useally they give a discount on it, problem being if its a "sort after bike" they will use this as a good excuse to not give discounts on old models :roll:

    if they gave you free stuff then i guess it depends on yourself, does the free stuff and the cost of the bike for its spec make up for a few nicks?

    personally id check the nicks if they arent going to cause issues ie problems with the frame structure id not worry and hassel about it, the hassel of going back ect.

    for all you know they might just say, heres your refund, and you lost the bike :shock:
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    You picked it you bought it live with it.
    You will crash soon anyway then there'll be more chips, and bloodstains.
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  • mattbluemattblue Posts: 88
    cooldad wrote:
    You picked it you bought it live with it.
    You will crash soon anyway then there'll be more chips, and bloodstains.

    Well technically I did not pick it...I was told about the chips the day I was collecting it after the cycle had been instore for a while.

    Ill crash soon :roll:

    Next !!
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  • Dan_xzDan_xz Posts: 130
    You should really have negotiated a substantial extra discount in the store or refused to accept it at all.
    Go back and see if you can get a partial refund or exchange, but since you saw the condition before you took it home you might have some difficulty getting anywhere now. You can but try.
  • jeremyrundlejeremyrundle Posts: 1,091
    1. Find touch up paint that matches and fill in the small marks
    2. Buy frame protector on ebay, available in 4' x 2" strips and cover the vulnerable parts
    3. Ride it, whenn you fall off and scratch it you have the touch up paint ready.
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  • tseniortsenior Posts: 664
    dont worry about it, after a year it will have worse marks on it.

    touch up paint: good grief.....
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