Shimano XTR M975 Disc Brakes with Avid G3 Rotor

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Is there any reason why the above mix match won't work? The rotors are the right size of course. Reason is the XTRs come with centrelock rotors and I have 6 bolt hubs and already own some avid rotors.

Cheers, Joe

PS £179 for a pair of XTR brakes on Merlin - bargain!


  • nicklouse
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    aslong as you have the right size adaptors then they will work.

    not shimano tend to be 180 while Avids are 185.
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  • joejoe
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    Cheers Nick much appreciated. Both F + R are 160 for XTR brakes and avid rotors so all should be fine.
  • BG2000
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    By coincidence, I've just installed a new Avid G3 rotor with an XTR M965 caliper, and it works perfectly.

    In my case, a 180mm Shimano rotor was slightly too small, hence the reason I went with a G3 as they're 185mm.

    Nicklouse was helping me out with my adaptor for this: ... highlight=
  • BG2000
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