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Bike Hire in Portugal - Albufiera

BurtonBurton Posts: 172
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I don't suppose anyone here has stayed near Albufiera and hired bikes have they?

We're off there in April and I'd like to get a day or so pf proper riding done if I can.

Looking for somewhere that hires reasonable spec roadbikes.

Thanks in advance



  • Mr DogMr Dog Posts: 643
    Been a few years ago with the family. If I were to return I'd take my bike. Sorry didn't see any bike hire.. if I had the temptation would have been too much.
    May be worth taking a punt on a cheap case.. got one from Edinburgh Bikes for £99. Enjoy the sun you lucky sod :lol:
    Why tidy the house when you can clean your bike?
  • Don't remember seeing any hire there a few years ago either, sorry.
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  • mzm70mzm70 Posts: 123
    My Brother-In-Law has a business renting villas down there and I'll be in Vale Do Lobo in August, I asked him the same question and he said they use and they will deliver, I 'think' I looked at an Alu Giant for about 17 euros a day, or something like double that for a carbon.
  • Contact
    [email protected]

    He knows all there is to know about cycling in the Algarve.
    He'll supply you with some route maps.
    The roads are fantastic , smooth and traffic free , even the main roads have a cycle/hard shoulder.
    Beware it can get cold in the mountains , even if nice at the coast.
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    When I went there in 2007 I wanted to rent a bike, but I could not find any at all.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,256
    i've used megasport twice, hired the road bike, 'R' option

    the booking process is a bit clunky, and payment must be by bank transfer (plus credit card imprint when they deliver the bike, in case you don't give it back)

    they have been bang on time for delivery and collection both times

    i wasn't staying at a hotel, so had to email them a map with my location, as addresses in portugal can be a bit arbitrary

    the suppied bikes were giant ocr3, 2001 model... ... &Type=bike

    they'd seen a lot of miles, as supplied they were rideable but both times i went over them carefully and set the brakes much closer to rims, lined up gears, set saddle and bars up (bikes had adjustable stems), inflated tyres to proper pressure

    took my own pedals, minitool, pump, but they supply their own with the bike and a basic cable lock

    overall i was happy with the bikes and service, they were always nice to deal with

    they've since added another road bike option, it's a carbon frame with 105

    but last year i bought a bikebox so i can take my own bike, over time it'll be cheaper than hiring

    there's another place that does hire just to the south of loule, haven't tried them but was in the shop for something else and saw one, looked about the same as megasport's
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • BurtonBurton Posts: 172
    Thanks all, I now need to get myself into action and contact these people!!

    Busy weekend so haven't had time to play interneting!


  • Connected question: anyone got any highly recommended road cycling routes from albufeira?
  • janwaljanwal Posts: 487
    There is a national route runs all the way along the coast from the spanish border to the the most south western tip of europe.Think it's cape verde.Lots of towns, villages and beaches along the way to stop for a beer or two!! Enjoy.
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