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I know there are a lot of similar threads on here but I had to tip a cautionary wink toward the bikeradar community regarding the afore mentioned.


Having recently fell for the above website I ordered some pro lite wheels, following completion of my order I got an on screen message that said 'thank you for your order from qualityfurniture4u'. After a few days with not even an email confirming my order, other than from sagepay to say my cash was gone, I rang enquiring as to the where abouts of said wheels. On the phone being answered all I got was 'ello, sales' and nothing else. I was then told the wheels were out of stock and would be in within a week and sent out with a 'couple a days' delivery. Ok, I can handle that I thought. After another 8 days I rang again to be told my wheels had been sent and would arrive anytime soon. Waited another few days and rang again to be told the wheels had been sent but unfortunately had been 'lost in the post' but as they had been sent unrecorded they couldn't be tracked, and they were of course, out of stock again. With no regard for the 'lost' wheels I was told another set would be sent as soon as possible.
Obviously at this point I wasn't going to be lied to anymore so requested a refund which I have to admit, I did get after a few days.
This is obviously just some middle man ordering stuff in and turning it around at a profit and once they have your money they will tell you anything to keep it. The website looks convincing but is obviously a complete cover for what could be some dude in his bedroom.
Result...3 weeks wasted waiting for wheels that were never there, lied to, service non existant and qualityfurniture4u? Don't be fooled by these 3rd party websites that are making cycling shopping on the web very risky these days!


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    How much were the Pro Lites?
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    I was looking to try Bracciano which on there were around the 250 mark but as it turned out they didn't have any!

    Ribble are awaiting stock for under 200. They are just hard to get hold of.