Regaining fitness after major surgery

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I had to have fairly extensive emergency surgery earlier this month to remove a section of intestine that had ruptured.

All went well and I'm on the mend, but long term illness and surgery have seen my weight fall from over 12st to under 10st, a lot of the lost weight being muscle.

So as it stands, I'm a long way off being bike fit.

The surgeons have told me I should be healed enough to do moderate exercise in another 4 weeks, so I intend to get back out on the road bike for some gentle rides to start with, hopefully building up my stamina as I go.

But I need to get back some of my lost muscle, otherwise I'll snap on the first hill I get to.

So besides eating lots of protein and maybe doing some free weights at home, is there anything specific I can do to get myself back in shape?
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    I reckon (speaking not as a medically trained person) that it would be wise to start by reducing risk of injury which may mean on an exercise bike (or rollers/turbo trainer) to start with and progress from that.

    Likewise, I may need surgery on my right forearm and looking at pics of op on the internet, I may need to break back in gently, though I thought it'd be out of hops and onto bike. Am needing to put op off till late summer so I can do all events/rides and charity do etc planned.

    Take it easy and see how you go :D


  • yeah I'm going to aim to keep to a steady pace once I'm back on the bike, but I know what I'm like and I get carried away easily!
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    Stability ball exercises & lots of gentle rides. Enjoy the sunshine, leave all tracking systems of any description at home, just start with short 20mins & add time not speed. Im just back following a fractured knee & 3 new ligaments, I lost a stone I didnt need to lose & every time I got carried away & tried to push it I couldnt do anything for 3 or 4 days. Made hubby do dull sunset prom rides with me to stop me competing with myself :)
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    i just got on the bike after physio enforced 18 months off due to a spinal issue (thankfully now being on it's way to being sorted) and have gone the other way, i thought i'd managed to keep my weight down, and i have, but my shorts say it's a transference of muscle to waist!

    i found pilates helps a lot, especially with the core, which in itself made cycling again easier, my legs need work still but the core is a lot stronger. a good pilates instructor will tailor the exercises to what you want.