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When to replace old brake blocks?

KozakKozak Posts: 36
edited March 2011 in Workshop
Have re-furbished my old bike (bought it in 1991) - new bearings/grease/new twist grip gear change re-painted, and even though there is plenty thickness left on the brake blocks (each still have at least 3-4 mm depth on the 2 vertical grooves) the brakes screech and take time to stop the bike. Part of the problem is that even though I try not to I must be comparing it to my 2 month old Carrera Vengeance with it's hydraulic disc brakes.

I assume that these blocks made out of some sort of rubber compound, and after 20 year rubber tends to harden so is it recommended to change anyway after so many years even without much wear? Would scuffing the surface with a file/sandpaper help improve the friction/braking work?


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