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Freeborn Esher and Esher X (formally known as Esher shore) are sorry to announce the closure of the bike park and the Esher bike store connected to the park

We would like to point out this in no way affects the shop at Freeborn Horsham in Sussex

Although Freeborn cycles recorded a record year in 2010 / 2011, we have no choice but to close the shop and park at Esher due to the problems associated with the bike park

After having moved in a considerable amount of soil to complete the new Esher X dual track and hundreds of hours put into building and nearly completing the track we were advised legally by united Racecourses (the owners of Sandown Park) that we were to cease all building immediately, even though we were only weeks away from finishing the course

They advised us initially they didn't even know we were there, even though we were granted planning permission and change of land usage from the local authority in 2004, and had leased the woodland from our landlord 'sandown sports club' since 2003

It then turned out that our landlord had no right to issue a sub lease to us, for either the bike park or the shop

Sandown Park / United Racecourses then issued us with an immediate notice to leave the site stating that we had no right to be there, even though they knew we had been there for 8 years and told us we had not taken into account the environmental effect on the wildlife i.e. the birds and the trees in the park!!!

Although we are sure this has nothing to do with the planned hotel complex they wish to build on the site, even though we were originally informed by the local authority that as a local leisure amenity the bike park could not be moved

As the park is a non profit enterprise we are not in a position to instruct lawyers to fight a litigation case

Freeborn Horsham will continue as usual, we would like to thank everyone who has helped out at the Esher Shore bike park over the last eight years, without their efforts the park would never have been such a success, and thanks to all the riders who used the bike park, came to the Jams and thanks to all the customers of the Freeborn Esher bike shop

The park has already been demolished back to flat ground by the landlord and the roll-in tower removed, the pump track is currently being demolished

The Freeborn Esher shop is closing down on Thursday 31st March

Rob Cole
Freeborn Bikes Esher / Esher X Bike Park
Call 01372 476 969 for more information on UK\'s leading freeride park - Esher Shore


  • lochussie
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    I don't know much about Esher, but this sounds terrible.
  • Sounds like Sandown are being cunts about the whole thing.. Idiots if they didnt know about the previous presense..
  • ilovedirt
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    I never went to esher, but I really wanted to, it's really gutting to hear about this, I hope you guys find something else to get your teeth into!
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  • Anonymous
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    That stinks, all that hard work wasted.

    Bunch of w**kers.

  • Northwind
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    A real shame :( I'd got hopeful after seeing the ongoing story threads on SDH too. All the best to you all for whatever it is you do next
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  • Anonymous
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    Gutted. I missed out on the old Esher and wanted to try it out. Was hopeful for this.

    Probable with enough money it could be fought and won given the permissions granted in the past and plainly obvious knowledge of the use, but as you say it's not something you could practically do. The big guys win.

    Any chance of talking with any forestry owners to see if they have a scrap of land they could offer? e.g. as Aston did I believe.