First commute yesterday evening...

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Well, I went out and bought a pair of shoes yesterday, so had no excuses about cycling back to Hither Green from work.

Jumped on the bike about 6pm outside work next to Leadenhall market and I was back home at 7pm. Not as fast as I expected but it was without incident and I was talking it easy, due to fitness and just finding my feet (or should that be pedals?).

What really surprised me was how quickly I managed to find myself in Greenwich (Creek Road). I was looking around after what felt like 10/15 mins on the bike and saw a sign for Creek Road. A sure sign I was enjoying myself.

Had a quick stop outside the gates to Greenwich Park as the quick release on the handle bars felt loose, so gave them a quick tighten and had a drink of water and then set off up the hill in the park. BONK'd about half way up so had to jump off and push the rest of the way up!!! :oops:

Jumped back on at the top and headed over the heath, through Blackheath itself and down Lee Road, over Lee High Road and on to Burnt Ash Road.

Not sure if I saw any forummers on the journey (although I'm sure plenty passed me). I was latched on to the back of woman on a hybrid from about Tooley Street and she turned off just after the bridge on Creek Road. Gave me somethig to aim for anyway for about 15 minutes!!! :)

Back home to Cornwall this evening, but can't wait for next weeks installment. :D
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  • Another one joins the fold. Good work, fella. The first couple of commutes I ever did, on a crappy old BSO, I walked the only real hill on my commute. The third time, a guy I knew had just overtaken me - not only did I climb the hill that time, but I blitzed him on it.

    You'll get there, when you have to.
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    Well done, you'll find that once the bug has bitten it doesn't let go easily!

    Once you get used to your route you'll realise the best pace at all points to optimise your journey time, then you'll start checking your watch as you go against your self imposed schedule, PB's will be a source of pride.

    However the slope is only downhill unless you fight it, buying a road bike is a sure sign you lost the fight, so stick with your airnimal!

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    Absolutely. Love the bike, and like a fine wine I'm sure it will only get better with time.

    I'll be wearing my Garmin Forunner next time. :)
    Little boy to Obama: "My Dad says that you read all our emails"
    Obama to little boy: "He's not your real Dad"

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