pain in elbow?

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Hi Guy's

Been upping my game lately in preparation for CLIC24 (not far off now).

I have changed a couple of bits on my bike, got a new saddle (charge spoon Ti), reverb seat post, and I changed my bars for some DH bars, Monkeylite 710 wide, better rake and width for me as I'm 6'6" with broad shoulders.

I used to get back ache at around 10 miles, sorted that by tilting my seat a little down at the front, also softened suspension on the back. The new riding position is comfortable and I have noticed an improvement on control and overall speed.

I have read all of the notes about seat position and what to do is you get shoulder ache or back ache which I have now got under control, however my left elbow aches at around 10 miles, not a new thing either nothing i have changed has altered the ache at all.

Am I missing a trick here or is this normal?

I do a fair bit of exercise and have fairly strong arms and chest but I still get the ache. Anyone got a clue or solution?

Thanks in advice for any help :wink:

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