Going from 44-42 Compact Bars

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The stock bars on both my bikes were ergo 44 wide.
I picked up a cheap set of 44 compact bars to try them out and already much prefer riding in the drops in them than the ergo bars on that bike.
I was wondering if going to a 42 wide compact bar on the other bike would make much difference in terms of the feel of the bike and if there was much of an aero advantage?
The 44 bars seem okay, maybe a bit wide but have got used to them.



  • ChrisSA
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    Depends where the 44 or 42cm is measured from/to.

    FSA measure centre-centre at the end of the drops. On my 44cm bar this equates to 42cm at the hoods (which is what my bike fit suggested).
  • Berk Bonebonce
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    Yes, different manufacturers measure their bars differently.

    I have found with bars the only way is to fit them and try. Once you are happy with the size/shape stick to that pattern of handlebar.
  • ajb72
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    The biggest difference I noticed in switching from 44 to 42cm bars was that I needed a 1cm longer stem to achieve he same position on the bike.

    I changed because I was experiencing neck pain after a couple of hours - the switch was an instant cure I'm glad to say. Zero aero advantage I would have to say, it's all about the right size for max comfort.