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Campag 9 to 10 conversion.

TheYorkshireManTheYorkshireMan Posts: 92
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Hi all,

Has anyone any experience of using a 2001, 9 speed Campagnolo racing triple rear mech with a 10 speed Campagnolo block? I have the appropriate ratchet for my Ergo levers as they were originally 10 speed ones (2001 model year) before I converted them to 9 speed use. As I need to change my cassette I was thinking of getting a 10 speed version as the 9 speed version is much less available now. Will I need to mess around with the cable attachment on the rear mech in order modify the amount of cable pull, or will it work as it is?



  • tenortenor Posts: 278
    The 9 speed Racing Triple rear mech is compatible with the eariler pre-2001 lever pull ratio. If you use a post 2001 10 speed lever the Racing Triple with work perfectly with a 10 speed cassette - but a Shimano one, not Campagnol !!!
    This is due to a conincidence in the cable pulll ratios.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    I'd try it first with the 9 speed mech - it'll work regardless of what Campagnolo tell you but it depends on how fussy you are - most probably couldn't tell the difference.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Thanks for the replies. It seems that the answer is 'Suck it and see'!

    Oddly there seems to be a lot more information around about setting up a Shimano / Campag hybrid system than there is about compatibility across the 9 /10 / 11 speed Campag systems. Perhaps I should just wait until they bring out a 12 speed system and then buy a new bike!
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