Anyone on here ride around the tadley area??

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As above really, Just got my bike all sorted and want to start using it again


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    But I live very close :D

    Tend to go over to swinley or Surrey hills to be honest... Sure there is some good stuff closer to home, but not found it! A lot of land in that area is owner by Englefield Estate and they have a very open policy of allowing access on foot or horseback, but no bikes...
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    I never knew they didnt allow bikes, ive been out in some of their woods a couple of times before and never really seen anyone. Quite a nice place to ride and there is also Pamber forest which is pretty big with some nice tracks
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    there's the bridleway at the top of White Hill, south of Kingsclere. I only know it west from there but it's a blast to Combe Gibbet (and then joins up with the Ridgeway in Wiltshire somewhere). The path does go east - it's part of Wayfarers Walk I'd be interested to know what it's like.
  • Hi
    I live in Hermitage, the other side to thatcham to you, i would be up for a ride at some point although i dont really know anywhere to go. Would be interested in meeting up for a ride soon though regardless where we go

  • hello, im from Tadley...havent rode much recently but plan on doing much more this year.
    Not much round here except for pamber but you can do some loops using bridleways around ashford hill and brimpton.

    Have done a couple of the rides and they are good, let me know how you feel about a ride out possibly on saturdays.
  • morning
    i would be very happy to ride out on a saturday if im not working. I will need to make sure my family arent busy that weekend we plan to go but otherwise i would be very happy to do a ride

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    Hi all - just resurrecting a long dead post rather than create a new one. Went to a spin rount Pamber Forest last weekend and I am sure there is more there than I found. Anyone with any advice on how to find the good bits?