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I get punctures reasonably often about once a month, nothing to do with tyres or pressures cause I have tried Conti, Schwalbe and Crossmark along with Specialized and Vitoria inner tubes etc just rubbish roads with lots of debris.

My problem is that I often get a puncture when nearing work on the commute and I want to have a hand pump at work with some inner tubes etc so I can repair easily. However I have tried various hand pumps and to be honest they are all pretty crap at getting the tyre up to pressure. I run my tyres at 110 - 120 PSI and I weigh 80KG.

I dont want to carry a pump and a inner tube on me as my commute is only a couple of miles so if I get a puncture mid way its just easier and probably just as fast to walk.

What do you reccomend for a hand pump that can get tyres past 100PSI without giving me a hernia or taking 20 minutes!

It needs to be a hand pump as it will also go out with me on bigger rides.

Advice would be much appreciated.