Anyone ordered a jersey from sharethedamnroad?

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Web link is

I like the smiley faced one - some of the others could be a tad confrontational though....

The price plus the shipping from USA and possible 25% or so customs dort of piuts me off as well. A UK dealer would be best .....


  • TMR
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    I like the 'Don't run me over!' one :)

    I'd buy it if it didn't have the backwards 'Thanks!' on the front.
  • Muztard
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    I like the jerseys and they will be easier to wear than the this :D
  • bondurant
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    'Baby On Board'?

    Gimmicky awfulness
  • c0ugars
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    I ordered some custom jersey from share the dam road, i ordered then before christmas and they turned up 11 weeks later, the shorts had a hole in and im still waiting on the rest of my order. but saying this the customer service of Phil and his team have been perfect and they have sorted a replacement, i would order from the again. But just be careful of import duties and vat.