Tall and kona frame size help

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I know this is probably a really common question , but I already know some details, so bare with me!

Basically, i'm 195cm tall , google works that out at about 6ft4 , my inside leg is about 36-37"

Now, quite bluntly put, is a Kona Dawg 20" frame going to be a bit on the small side for me?

I would use it for mild road use and maybe take it to Morzine occasionally and thetford forest, that kind of stuff.

Anyway, point is, does anybody being around the 6ft4 margin have experience of a 20" Dawg? I can't find any official measurements to figure it out.

Cheers! :)


  • NatoED
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    as they say suck it and see. I would imagine it would be fine as 18 inch goes from 5'8 up to 6'1
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    Cool, I was kind of thinking the same to be honest.

    I have rented a Stinky and Meridia (spelling) in Morzine before and got on well with them. They felt a bit small but I can't remember the size :x

    Although the handle bar movement is a little limited with my long legs I felt more in control when standing up on the pedals and darting around. I have a fear that a super large frame could even be worst for tight corners etc.
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    If it helps. I'm 6ft 4 and I ride a 21 inch kona caldera frame. I do have the saddle quite high but I think I'd be fine on a 20 inch frame.
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    Cheers for that info guys!

    I guess now I just have to decide whether its worth the gamble :?
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    In regards to 2nd hand bike purchasing, is there any questions that should be asked?

    For example if somebody says '18" frame' , is it stamped anywhere as proof, or could they of just 'guessed' with a tape measure?

    Do bikes come with any kind of ID to proove it's not been stolen? Or any documentation at all?

  • leonr wrote:
    Now, quite bluntly put, is a Kona Dawg 20" frame going to be a bit on the small side for me?

    I'm 6ft 2" and 19" Konas fit me perfectly - currently have a Dawg Primo and a cheapo hard tail.