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A nice choice to have to make, but still a choice...

wintonwinton Posts: 165
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Hi folks

First off, I appreciate that this is a nice choice to have to make for a beginner and hope that I don't come across as a complete tool...

Last year I began to commit myself to competing in triathlon and have spent the winter training on my old Giant Roam. I bought an Elite turbo and, as the winter has passed, I have developed a real enjoyment out of cycling, more so than the other two disciplines.

I've got a few duathlons coming up and I want to buy a light bike (as losing weight is NOT an option for me :wink: ) that I can double up for road use as I'm considering joining the Kingston Wheelers also. I have pretty much narrowed my choice down to the following two bikes:

Cannondale Super Six HI MOD SRAM

Specialized Tarmac SL3 Expert

I've ordered the 'Dale in to my local Evans and it arrives in the next day or two when I'll test them side by side.

My question to the boards is this: should I not be seduced by the extra kit and prestige of the "better" model when I could get the Spesh and all associated kit for the same price, give or take? Am I even going to do justice to the 'Dale?

All help is greatly appreciated.



  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    change your mind buy an italian bike :twisted:
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  • change your mind buy an italian bike :twisted:

    That's a bit rich seeing as by the looks you have a Felt :D

    Serioulsy though check out what feels right for you, I went for a cube agree GTC race after trying out a few different bikes and it was purely down to looks and some components that I went for it in the end.

    You have loads of places on your door step so don't limit yourself to evans, assuming you are near Kingston, to name just a few I visited all detailed below.

    Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick
    Prologue in Sheen
    Corridori in Epsom
    Dauphin at the top of box hill
    Pearsons in Sutton
  • wintonwinton Posts: 165

    Evans were just local and easy and could get the Cannondale without a daft lead time. Been to Sigma too and have no issues with handing over my cash to them. Customer service was first rate.

    Will deffo give Prologue a look too.
  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    The two things that are going to make riding a pleasure are how the bike fits and how much you love riding it. So if you really love the look of one bike and how it rides then that's the bike for you, even if it isn't quite such good value as another bike.
  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    it dont matter- always pick the one that makes your fun sized mars bar melt
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