Blackburn Mars 4 - only 10 hours of flashing action

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Manufacturers optimism aside, should I expect to get more than about 10 hours out of a pair of Duracells with the Mars 4 in flash mode?

The Smart never seems to need new batteries but the Blackburn eat's 'em.


  • billysan
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    Probably duff batteries.

    I run mine on constant and having done a very quick calc its probably been on this set of batteries for 30-35 hours now.
  • eltonioni
    eltonioni Posts: 82
    I thought that it was duff batteries at first but I had to change them again this morning. that makes 3 sets that it's gone through.

    It's all a bit academic now though since it bounced off over some rough stuff an hour or so ago. :?

    Not sure whether to replace it or try the 1w Smart.
  • ajb72
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    It does sound odd - I have only hd mine for a few weeks but I would estimate it must have done 20 hours now on flashing mode. It's also the brightest little rear light I've owned, so perhaps worth another try?
  • Wappygixer
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    I've had a Mars for some time now.They do eat batteries but not as fast as you describe.
    Be prepared to get annoyed with the rattling bracket, it will drive you up the wall.
    My light has just packed in too so got to send it back under warranty
  • Lagavulin
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    I have four Mars 4s spread across three bikes and I tend to run the one on my Allez on constant and the Cateye LD610 in Knightrider/KITT mode. I think I've probably had 10 hours out of that never mind flashing mode.
  • I ordered one back-end of the last year and it worked for seconds and then died, put it down to duff batteries and tried again but same thing. Wiggle replaced it without question and had no issues since. It's on my GF's bike so couldn't say how many hours its run for but comfortably more than 10.
  • deffler
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    i bought a mars4 bout 6 month ago and that has taken to draining batteries over night (yes i do turn it off), defo something has gone wrong inside the light only i cant remember where i got it from :oops: to send it back
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  • secretsam
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    I've had similar experiences with the Mars munching batteries

    However, got a replacement (lifetime warranty) and it's ace, visible from space and battery lasts easy 30 hours on flashing mode before it's too dim to be safe

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • jonod777
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    how to change battrey on the blackburn 4