Any groups in Verwood area?

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Moved to Verwood three years ago and really want to get out on the bike a bit more, anyone know if there is a group already or if not does anyone want to hook up for evening rides in Moores Valley/Verwood area?
Paul :D


  • VerwoodAsh
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    HI Paul,

    Another Verwood person here. The local club is Dorset Rough Riders to which I used to belong - alas I find it difficult to ride at their times.

    I'm up for riding around the area and know a lot of routes - have both mountain bikes & road bikes. (have one hardtail, one full suspenson & a carbon road bike)

    Drop me a line. I'm looking for new riding buddies too as my regular lot have been dropping like files recently :(

    (I'm not fast or anythign like that - just like a nice gentle spin, singletrack, etc?)